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Welcome to the FinLiCo Website!

Financial literacy is the ability to understand money matters, to manage credit and debt and  to make sound financial decisions.

Considering the nowadays economic situation it is urgent that citizens are given the appropriate instruments to manage their budgets and to become more aware of the many products and financial services that financial institutions are making available.

The project aims to improve the financial literacy competencies of adult learners to help prepare them for the challenges and temptations of the consumer society and to help prevent people getting into debt. In order to accomplish this, the project has developed a toolbox of activities and exercises that can be used with adult learners, a handbook for trainers and suggested curricua. The products have been developed, validated and disseminated amongst stakeholders, training institutions and public bodies across the eight European countries in the project.

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The focus of our methods is in supporting people with lower level financial literacy skills. Therefore we have included approaches and resources that address basic budgeting and mathematical skills rather than an understanding of complex financial products, and that engage learners actively and are based on the learners’ own situations and contexts. 

Many exercises are based on visual approach, in order to foster a discussion and to encourage the learners to activate their own inherent problem-solving capacities.

Here is one example....


If you want to know more about this or other financial literacy exercises, have a look at the Toolbox!